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We ship embroidered flag patches anywhere in the world. Over 1000 flag patch designs are available including over 600 country flag patches, 150 US state flag patches, US military patches, historic patches and popular specialty patches.

All of our patches have a heat seal backing so you can iron them on or sew them on.

NEW, now you have the option to order a peel and stick VelcroŽ hook backing for all of our standard sized rectangle patches and standard sized rectangle patches with name.

The VelcroŽ hook backing that we send will be compatible with the loop VelcroŽ on CondorŽ brand caps.

You can add that peel and stick VelcroŽ backing to a patch in seconds which makes our patches the most versatile flag patches on the market.

Our patches make great gifts since you do not need to know how the recipient will mount their patches. With the ability to sew on, use heat seal OR VelcroŽ you have all your bases covered.

Featured Products

US Flag Patches
24 US flag designs available
US Camo Desert Brown Cap - includes matching VelcroŽ US flag patch
** 7 camo & solid colors available.
** 100% cotton camo hats.
** Comes with matching US flag patch
Country Patches
Over 230 countries and over 600 different country flag designs in stock every day.
Camo Caps With VelcroŽ<br>Front Mount
** 7 colors to choose from
** 100% cotton caps
** Adjustable Velcro style closure
Canada Province and Territory PatchesState Patches
City Flag PatchesMilitary Patches
Confederate & Historical PatchesSpecialty Patches
Country Flag Patches - Rectangle With NameState Flag Patches - Shield
Country Flag Patches - ShieldState Seal Patches
Signal Flag Patches

Colorful embroidered signal flag patches.  All 26 international nautical alphabet signal flags.

FIFA World Cup Patch - 2014

The following flag patch designs are available.

Countries States Military and Specialty


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